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January 25, 2016

AndCast & Wochensicht now on YouTube, too

Finally, we made it.
Both AndCast and the Wochensicht are now being uploaded to YouTube.  This is still audio content.
However, some additional content will be published in different languages on that YouTube-channel.

It will be evaluated over time, but expect special hands-on, app reviews and more.

This channel will also be used for future netcast projects. Since "" was intended to be a platform for different topics and possibly different netcasters. So stay tuned... Maybe there ill be some surprises in 2016.

For now, please enjoy the 2 long-time netcasts on YouTube.

May 22, 2013

Shortly unreachable via Google Public DNS

Sometimes it's very hard to see if a site is available or not.
For me, on Monday, the whole domain was not reachable when using the Google Public DNS. For most others it seems there were no problems. With another DNS it was no problem anyway.

As of Tuesday morning, everything is fine. Very strange, but I'll guess such things can have lot of reasons. It's back and running, so you can keep listening.

October 7, 2012

Unclear Feedburner Situation

Hello listeners,
as you may know, all the netcasts rely on Feedburner feeds. Unfortunately, the situation is very unclear, if Feedburner will be around for long.
Some features has been already disabled, but Google gave signs that the Feeds will stay intact.

If the the feeds will be shut off, the netcasts will get different feed. That would be a disaster, because it is like a start from scratch. Therefore we'll keep on using the Feedburner feed addresses as long as possible.

I hope it won't change. I found some related articles. Check the, if you want to know more about that matter.
Thanks for listening to our netcasts and I'm hoping you have a lot of fun with them.