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Netcasts Now With Mobile View

Blogger made it possible. Now there is a new mobile site for all the netcasts. It fits perfectly on Android phones and probably on other devices.

The long awaited mobile version of blogs hosted by made it possible. We didn't had to do much. So, enjoy it from everywhere.


AndCast Now Has A Facebook-Page

It was inevitable... AndCast now has a Facebook-page. You can like the page and get updates.
There we have discussion, updates and more. Make sure you visit.
Have a lot of fun!


Studio Almost Finished, Equipment Missing :)

Yeah , my little mini-studio is almost finished.
Now I'm missing some Equipment. And it's not gone to be cheap, I'm afraid.
I need
  • A new microphone with podcasting quality
  • A microphone amplifier or a better mixer
  • Some software to get the video live stream working better
  • A decent camera for the video
Now the main focus is still on audio. So this is the most important things. But with all the new Android-devices coming out in the next month, I think I'll have a hard time to get those.
So please keep waiting a little longer for an even better sound and video quality.
Thank you

BTW: I've not forgot about the Shotcast... it's coming.


Mini-Studio In Work

Yes, I have some work to do in real life... for the netcasts :)
I'm building up a Mini-Studio to improve the video live-feeds. A real small space, but it could turn out to be a good thing.
Let's see.
And for that I'm planning to make more short videos in form of a so-called English-language shotcast with video. But that's not sure up until now.

You could check my YouTube-Channel if you like, I'll put up some random videos I make now more frequently. Make sure you're not missing my worst parts :)
Oh yeah, and they are in English (woohooo).

Link: YouTube Random Videos
Link: UStream AndCast Live Stream


AndCast launched

On Sunday July 18th, the AndCast (German) has been launched.
The first episode together with Moe was quite interesting, and I'm still exhausted from the work done to make this happen.
Visit the site for listening (beware of German language :) ):