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A new Netcast is born: Go Cantina - The Pokémon Go Netcast

Yes, the Pokémon Go go fun that people are having is great. And while our time is swirling away with the game, why not making a show about it?
This cast is different. Only the first episode is made in an old style netcast way. Now videos such as gameplays, live shows and reports are taking place in single, much shorter videos in German language. And it can happen anytime, not only once per week.
The show is YouTube only. However we created a feed for your video podcatcher.

This is a new experience for us, too. At YouTube everything is different when making such a cast. We learned that on day one.
And yes, it's again a German language netcast. Sorry. But for the US there is already a great Pokemon Go Netcast ( Go Time ), and countless YouTube shows.

I hope that many of you are sharing their experience with Pokémon Go. You can use the Go Cantina Community where you can share things in every language. We would be glad to show your stuff in our show.